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Cockroach Control Franklin Square: Important Tips to Keep Roaches under Control

Preventing roaches into your property is just possible through hiring of pest control Franklin Square services. In Franklin Square, cockroaches are a prevalent nuisance. Roaches pose risks to human health because of the infections they spread, the contamination of surfaces they leave behind, and the allergic reactions and asthma attacks they can cause.

The presence of one cockroach almost guarantees the lurking of others. Six ways are presented here to help keep roaches at bay and safeguard your loved ones.

Tip no 1: Check for damage outside the house

Roaches can enter your home on any object you bring in. Before taking something indoors, you should examine it thoroughly.

Shipping boxes, shopping bags, old furnishings, appliances and even suitcases fall into this category. Put things away as soon as possible after bringing them inside. As you open the packaging, you should discard them immediately.

Tip no 2: Clean it up

Your house is a veritable buffet of food and water for roaches. Keeping up with regular house cleaning is essential if you want to avoid these pests. The cleanliness of your home’s inside and exterior should be a top priority.

The kitchen is the most likely place for crumbs and spills to accumulate, so keeping it clean is a top priority. Vacuuming your property regularly will assist in getting rid of dead animals and egg sacs. Be sure to wipe down and sanitize kitchen counters and other surfaces regularly. Every night, clean the stove and surfaces.

Remember to tidy up the space beneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Trash cans should have secure lids and place them near any outside doorways. Always maintain a proper distance between foliage and building facades.

Tip no 3: Limit where you eat

This is an important cockroach control Franklin Square to consider. If feasible, dine in just one location, such as the kitchen or dining room. This reduces the spread of crumbs and spills around the house and facilitates their subsequent cleanup.

It often helps to keep pests out of the house as a whole as well. Try not to eat in the living room or any bedrooms.

Tip no 4: Make use of safe food storage

Cockroaches are highly flexible and can compress their bodies to fit through tiny gaps, such as those found in food packaging. Always use airtight containers while storing food, including that for your pets. If you can, empty pet bowls overnight, as these provide an easy feed for these pests.

Tip no 5: Seal them properly

Roaches can fit through narrow spaces like those described up top. Seal any openings you see on the exterior of your home, including those around pipes and where walls meet.

Check for gaps and cracks in the baseboards and the crawlspace as well. To prevent them from entering, a crawlspace could be enclosed. Install weather-stripping and locks on all exterior doors and windows.

Tip no 6: Home DE cluttering

Cockroaches will infest cardboard boxes, glue bottles, and stacks of paper. These are perfect for children to conceal themselves during the day. Throw out any piles of up-to-date reading materials. When possible, use plastic containers rather than cardboard ones.


A cockroach infestation may take over your home in what may seem like no time. Contact USS Pest Control service near you for a free inspection if you think you have a cockroach or other pest problem.