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Do mice (the kind with lots of fur and long tails) inhabit your lovely home? If so, you’ll need to act fast to perform rodent control valley stream. The rapid reproduction rate of rats makes their elimination an urgent matter for property and health.

Remember that rats can quickly transform into mice if you refer to them as such. This makes it challenging to eliminate them and prevent their return. They can cause a lot of damage to your home and spread infections that can make you sick. However, many people mistake them for mice. Making sure you’re dealing with rats and not mice is the first step in taking the correct measures to eliminate them.

The vast majority of individuals do not attempt DIY rodent control. Instead, they opt to pay an expert. However, there are some effective methods of DIY rat control.

Mint, peppermint, and spearmint

Mint and peppermint oils have a strong odor that repels rats. One of the best things you can do to keep rats away from your home is to plant some mint outside. When rats detect the odor, they immediately flee.


Homeowners attest to the efficacy of growing these herbs in and around their properties. So, not only does fresh mint help you brew an excellent cup of tea, but it also discourages rodents from setting up shop in your home.

Peppermint oil is a suitable substitute if you cannot cultivate mint in your yard. Additionally, this oil effectively deters rodents. You can get peppermint oil from the store and put a few drops on a cotton ball to use it. Next, stuff the cotton into the corners; you will see rodents elsewhere.

Rat poison in liquid form

Using a liquid rat repellant is one of the most effective ways forrodent removal valley stream. A cat’s scent permeates this beverage.

The sight of a cat is enough to send a rat running for cover, as they naturally fear them. You can spray an effective liquid repellent inside your home without worrying about the odor bothering your guests.

Peanut butter and boric acid

Combining peanut butter and boric acid is an effective do-it-yourself rat poison. This mystical elixir can be made by mixing one cup of peanut butter with half a cup of Boric acid.

Then, roll the balls (about half an inch in diameter) into the areas of your home where you’ve seen bugs. When rodents consume these balls, they immediately become ill.

Sources of ultrasonic noise

High-frequency sound devices can also be used to deter rats. These battery-operated devices emit high-frequency sound that rats find unpleasant. When they hear this noise, rats immediately flee. This pitch is too high for human ears to pick up. Therefore, it won’t irritate your loved ones.


However, if you see a significant rodent infestation in your home, it’s best to contact professionals of Pest control Elmont immediately. Professionals have the knowledge and tools to exterminate existing rats and prevent their return.