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Eradicate pests with the best exterminator control Garden city NY

Eradicate pests with the best exterminator control Garden city NY

Bed bugs and cockroaches are the two most common domestic pests that could ruin your life. Handling these pests becomes a gloomy and difficult chore. However, with appropriate knowledge and means, it is possible to managed them effectively. In this complete guide, we will give you all that you need to know about Pest control Garden city NY.

Identification and behavior of bed bugs and cockroaches

But they leave traces behind such as dark spots of excrement, shed skins, and a sweet musty smell. In contrast cockroaches are tough bugs that can live in many living conditions. By observing closely what is around you, such as furniture, bedding, and even cracks on the walls, it is easy to note some of them. It is worth noting that bed bugs and cockroaches can very rapidly reproduce, so early detection of the problem should minimize their chances to spread.

Types of Cockroaches

One of the most popular types of cockroaches is the German cockroach which is very tiny and light brown in color accompanied by two parallel dark stripes on its back. These type of species are very capable of inhabiting homes and reproducing quickly. The Oriental cockroach is shiny and dark brown or black usually living in damp and dark places. It is less active than other species, but it has a very strong smell. Finally, the brown-banded cockroach is easily identifiable with its lighter brown bands running across its wings and abdomen. It prefers warm areas and can easily be found in bedrooms and other living spaces. Knowing the dynamics of various cockroach types could help in identification and proper treatment of infestations, creating a comfortable

History of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have a very intriguing and slightly unsettling history of the relationship between these tiny insects and people. Bed bugs have existed for millennia, and remnants of their presence are found in ancient civilizations. 1350 BC, Egyptian records include instances of bed bug infestations, which confirm that the bugs had long troubled man. They were commonly known as the “bed bugs” in 17 th and 18th centuries when they inhabited beds, furniture in households, hotels and even theater halls. The history of bed bugs shows the ongoing struggle between people and these strong animals.

How to detect bedbugs and cockroaches in your home?

Bed bugs leave fecal matter where they reside. The blood-filled fecal matter turns these stains into reds and browns. Look also for small, dark stains on your bedsheets or furniture; these could be the droppings of bedbugs. Another red flag is the appearance of small itchy bite marks on your skin, usually arranged in a line. In contrast, cockroaches leave obvious signs of their presence. Watch for droppings similar to black pepper or coffee grounds as well as shedding of skins and egg casings. You may also find greasy smears or get a musty smell in places where cockroaches like to hide such as on the dark corners, cracks and crevices. Moreover, use sticky traps or glue boards in strategic spots to catch any insect that crawl. Sometimes, the best approach is to contact a professional pest control service and allow them to effectively eliminate bed bugs cockroaches from your home in every respect.

Natural Remedies for bed bug and cockroach control

Mixing a few drops of these oils with water and spraying the solution around infested areas or possible entry points can serve as a bed bug deterrent. Some homeowners have also been able to use diatomaceous earth, a natural powder obtained from fossilized remains of microscopic aquatic organisms. Common ones include a combination of boric acid and sugar. Sugar serves as a lure, while the boric acid acts as a toxin. This mixture also harms cockroaches’ digestive systems thus killing them when they have ingested it. Another common home remedy is to make cockroach baits with a mixture of baking soda and powdered sugar. It is sweet scent of the sugar that brings the roaches while baking soda reacts to their stomach acid making them full of gas and eventually dying.

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