Enthusiasts will appreciate the many conflicts fought on Bergen County’s soil and the county’s expansive and varied nature. Pests prefer the mild environment of Bergen County, New Jersey, and as a result, they frequently find their way into the homes of locals. USS Pest Control is here to assist you in protecting your house from pests using our expertise in the business.


The prevention and management of various insects provide distinct difficulties. Cockroaches and ants flourish in the warm and humid atmosphere. These insects can swiftly infest a building, raising hygiene and even health issues.

Termites are a significant hazard to property owners in both cities. These wood-boring insects thrive in the mild winters and summers. If not stopped in time, they can cause severe structural damage to structures. Mice and rats are resilient that can enter almost any building. They pollute food, spread disease, and wreck buildings.


Once we’ve eradicated your roach problem, we can focus on long-term pest removal Elmont. Learning to prevent cockroaches will help you safeguard your house and family from these. Here are five ways to prevent roach infestations

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Best pest control company I’ve dealt with to date. Offered next day service and the technician was awesome. My fleas are all gone !
Dale Davids
Dale Davids
Top notch service.
Nicole Kubick
Nicole Kubick
Amazing...Wasps in my living room on Sunday, the day before Labor Day , yes 2023...This was treated twice by Magic...they don't work Sundays or use for you! When you said twenty minutes you were not kidding!!! Amazon could learn alot from you. Critters don't follow a far so good. Thank you!!!
Nic Cywinski
Nic Cywinski
All roaches are gone 🗣️🗣️
Ashir Hyder
Ashir Hyder
The best pest control company I’ve dealt with to date. All around Professionals and offered amazing service!!
I came back from a trip upstate and found that some bed bugs hitched a ride with me. I called and Usman was able to come by same day and take care of me. Been 3 months I haven’t seen any since and would definitely use these guys again.
Good service and cockroaches are gone, thanks
Yousef Khan
Yousef Khan
Great service, reliable staff, easy to communicate with. Had a bunch of centipedes finding their way into my house and these guys helped me never have to deal with those pesky critters again.
Minhaal Faizi
Minhaal Faizi
Was referred to USS by my brother. Had an ant infestation that would get really bad every summer. Muzafar came out on short notice and treated my house. He was very cordial and knowledgeable. Got the job done at a fair price and haven’t seen an ant since. Will deff recommend and be using his services yearly to treat my house.

Committed to protecting our customers’ health, food & property

Experts in USS Pest Control guarantee tranquility of mind. You can trust us with your environmental pest management for three main reasons:

  1. First and foremost, we take an individualized approach to understanding your needs.
  2. To keep you informed, we speak with you before to, during, and following treatments.
  3. We work in tandem with you to determine the root of the problem; we don’t merely address the outward signs of a pest problem; instead, we provide long-term, preventative solutions.

Top quality pest control Bergen County by certified technicians

We strive to provide food-grade, natural, do-it-yourself pest control solutions. With our full gel baiting systems, contamination may be securely avoided because there’s no need to chase after the pest or spray; instead, they can be placed away from traffic.

To assist you in getting rid of bothersome pest issues, we employ cutting-edge equipment and tried-and-true pest control techniques. We always strive to locate the source of any infestation and skillfully address the problems.

Bed Bug








Silver Fish


Efficient techniques for pest control in Bergen County

bed bug control and removal


We provide consumers in residential, commercial, and industrial settings with dependable and effective bed bug removal services. We have a reputation for offering top-notch bed bug control in Bergen County services since we dependable stand behind our labor.

cockroach control and removal


Services for both short-term and long-term control are offered. More specifically, we ensure that our staff members’ performance assessments and inspections are fruitful. In conclusion, USS Pest Control employs a methodical approach to cockroach control in Bergen County.

Bees and Wasp control


A beehive or nest may be present on your property if you hear something buzzing or humming. It is advised that residents use professional bee and wasp control in Bergen County services in order to eradicate the infestation completely and protect themselves from any hazards.

ant control and removal


Ants have the ability to sting, which in certain regions of the world can be harmful. USS Pest Control offers a variety of excellent ant control in Bergen County alternatives. You can depend on it to get rid of ants from your contented home and land.

rat control and removal


Mice and rats chewing through the insulation covering the wire might result in very serious fires. Please visit our website to avoid any accidents. USS Pest Control provides efficient rat control in Bergen County services to get rid of rats in your neighborhood.

mice control and removal


All our experts need to do is request that you vacate your house while they pour fumigants—poisons designed to entice rodents—all over it. Our mice control in Bergen County services will eradicate rats from your home with remarkable efficacy.

rodent control and removal


By employing our top-notch rodent control in Bergen County services, we guarantee that your surroundings will remain healthy and free of pests. You will have to pay for both personal harm and property damage resulting from having rats.

Flea control and removal


In addition to offering guidance on how to keep your house pest-free, the flea exterminators at USS Pest Control will always provide a comprehensive report detailing the flea control in Bergen County.

Spider control and removal


With the use of cutting-edge tools and extermination techniques, our specialized spider control in Bergen County service can assist you in getting your property back.

Silverfish control and removal


The professionals at USS Pest Control are adept at identifying silverfish infestations. They can devise a strategy for silverfish control in Bergen County to remove the fish from your house.

Carpet Beetle control and removal


Our major goal is to use the most environmentally friendly carpet beetle control in Bergen County products available. Customers will need to vacate their properties and allow any residual pesticide treatment to fully dry over a few hours.

Lady Bug control and removal


Lady insects prefer to be in warm settings all year round. Having an excessive number of ladybirds in your home is bothersome; therefore you should get lady bug control in Bergen County.

Effective ant control Bergen County you can count on for your home

Once invading, ants can be difficult to get rid of. For reliable, long-lasting ant control for your family and property, turn to USS Pest Control Pros when do-it-yourself remedies fall short. An ant colony can have more than 100,000 ants in it. The few ants you notice crawling over your counter can be eliminated with ant spray, but there will still be more there. Treatments with USS Pest Control offer a far more durable and effective answer!

FAQs: Questions people frequently ask

Make sure to wash and air-dry your blankets, bedspreads, bed linens, and any floor-touching apparel on a regular basis. As a result, there are fewer bed bugs. Laundry baskets and hampers can be a haven for bed bugs and their eggs. Keep in mind to clean them after doing the laundry.

One of the most widely used compounds in the extermination industry is boric acid. It’s usually dispersed as a powder throughout the house. It works well not just to eradicate ants but also termites and cockroaches.

Rats are repulsed by the potent botanical aromas of essential plant oils such as lavender, sage, citronella, rosemary, and peppermint.

A snap trap is the only practical and safe way to instantaneously kill a rat. Other kinds of traps won’t kill the rats right away and can even cause them great pain. Poisons can take up to a week to kill the rats.

Maintaining a clean and dry environment is the first step in getting rid of cockroaches in your home. Patch leaky pipes, caulk cracks and crevices, and make natural bait out of a solution of sugar and boric acid. Additionally, remember to routinely dispose of your rubbish and to store food in airtight containers.

Because lemon and orange scents include the terpene limonene, studies have shown that cockroaches are repulsed by them. However, substantial amounts of limonene are required for citrus fragrances to work.

Flea treatments for pets, frequent vacuuming, cleaning bedding, and wiping down floors and skirting boards are some of the most effective ways to eradicate fleas from your house. These methods help eliminate fleas at every step of their life cycle.

Silverfish are not harmful, do not transmit disease, and do not bite people or other animals. On the other hand, if they enter from the outside and contaminate food, they could spread bacteria.

We offer specialized treatments for a variety of pest types

In order to ensure that you may enjoy a pest-free environment, USS Pest Control team of qualified experts is prepared to offer efficient and customized pest control solutions adapted to your unique needs.

At USS Pest Control, we are aware that various pest species call for various methods of control. For this reason, we provide specific treatments for different kinds of ants. We employ weather-resistant bait stations carefully positioned around the perimeter of your property to control sweet-feeding pests.

Pest Control in Garden City NY

Professional control services to get rid of bed bug infestations

We have the knowledge and experience to permanently remove any unwanted home visitors, whether you think you may have a bed bug problem or you just want to be sure you never develop one.

With their professional experience, cutting-edge tools, and innovative methods, USS Pest Control specialists can effectively manage your bedbug problem. They will examine the structure and surroundings of your house to pinpoint the issue and suggest the best course of action.

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