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Brilliant work in finding the top Bronx exterminator! USS Pest Control provides the expertise and experience to eradicate any type of pest from your home or company. Pests like ants, spiders, and bed bugs are no match for our trained and certified exterminators. In every case, we hope to go above and beyond the expectations of our patrons. We serve both commercial and residential customers and are always at a high level of quality.


If you have a pest problem in your Bronx home or business, USS Pest Control can help. We tailor our pest management strategies to each client. If you have a problem with pests in your home or business, we can help you eliminate them. We offer both preventative and responsive pest management services to ensure the safety of your home, business, and family members. Constantly checking for pests, using only as much product as is necessary, and keeping detailed records are all part of this plan.

Our pest control services are non-hazardous and guaranteed to rid your home or office of unwanted pests. In addition, we make an effort to minimize our impact on the natural world. For this reason, we offer Pest Control Services in Bronx and are tasked with safely and effectively treating your pest problems.


Once we’ve eradicated your roach problem, we can focus on long-term pest removal Elmont. Learning to prevent cockroaches will help you safeguard your house and family from these. Here are five ways to prevent roach infestations

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Based on 14 reviews
Best pest control company I’ve dealt with to date. Offered next day service and the technician was awesome. My fleas are all gone !
Dale Davids
Dale Davids
Top notch service.
Nicole Kubick
Nicole Kubick
Amazing...Wasps in my living room on Sunday, the day before Labor Day , yes 2023...This was treated twice by Magic...they don't work Sundays or Holidays...no use for you! When you said twenty minutes you were not kidding!!! Amazon could learn alot from you. Critters don't follow a Calendar...so far so good. Thank you!!!
Nic Cywinski
Nic Cywinski
All roaches are gone 🗣️🗣️
Ashir Hyder
Ashir Hyder
The best pest control company I’ve dealt with to date. All around Professionals and offered amazing service!!
I came back from a trip upstate and found that some bed bugs hitched a ride with me. I called and Usman was able to come by same day and take care of me. Been 3 months I haven’t seen any since and would definitely use these guys again.
Good service and cockroaches are gone, thanks
Yousef Khan
Yousef Khan
Great service, reliable staff, easy to communicate with. Had a bunch of centipedes finding their way into my house and these guys helped me never have to deal with those pesky critters again.
Minhaal Faizi
Minhaal Faizi
Was referred to USS by my brother. Had an ant infestation that would get really bad every summer. Muzafar came out on short notice and treated my house. He was very cordial and knowledgeable. Got the job done at a fair price and haven’t seen an ant since. Will deff recommend and be using his services yearly to treat my house.

Highly trained specialists Bronx to protect property from infestations!

Not often does “out of sight” equate to “out of mind.” Bugs, ants, cockroaches, and rats are examples of household pests that can be much more than just an annoyance. They can endanger both your property and your health. USS Pest Control services give you piece of mind while assisting in the present and long-term protection of your house.

We make it our mission to treat your family and your house with the same care that we would our own, providing specialized protection that is supported by research to get rid of pests from your house all year long. You can rely on our highly skilled experts to look into the matter and keep your property free of infestations in the future!

Right guidance for keeping you safe!

  1. We provide healthy, damage-free insect control for homes.
  2. For an extended period, you won’t notice any bugs or pests thanks to our pest control services.
  3. Every customer receives a free consultation and a free estimate from us.
  4. Our well-known and competent team comes to your property to rid it of pests.
  5. Since we offer the best pest control, our customer service team is available around-the-clock, so call us to schedule an appointment.

Bed Bug








Silver Fish



bed bug control and removal


Our bed bug control services are available to commercial, industrial, and residential clients and we guarantee their effectiveness. Our bed bug control in Bronx services come with a warranty, which adds to our credibility as a top provider of such solutions.

cockroach control and removal


We offer cockroach control in Bronx services that are both temporary and permanent. Our technicians pay special attention to the efficacy of their performance and inspection visits. To keep pests at bay, USS Pest Control Services employs a systematic approach.

Bees and Wasp control


The presence of a beehive or nest on your property may be indicated by the sound of buzzing or humming. For the safe removal of the infestation and prevention of possible hazards, professional bee and wasp control in Bronx is recommended.

ant control and removal


By gnawing through the insulation that surrounds wires, rodents like mice and rats can start devastating fires. Visit USS Pest Control online to learn more about our rat control in Bronx services and how they can help you keep your home safe from rodents.

rat control and removal


Rodents of all species are the most aggravating predators in the residence.  Rodents and other furry beasts relish ruining homes. Once they sneak in, it is practically tough to eradicate the problem. 

mice control and removal


We eliminate pests using cutting-edge procedures and specialized technologies. Our experts will fill your home with fumigants containing poisons for the rats, so all you have to do is leave for a bit. If you’re sick of rat infestations in your house, try our mice control in Bronx services.

rodent control and removal


We guarantee a healthy and pest-free environment with our top-notch rodent control in Bronx services. Some serious problems will arise unless you act at the correct moment. There will be monetary and physical costs to your health and the property.

Flea control and removal


You can trust that USS Pest Control flea exterminators will always leave you with a comprehensive report outlining the services they performed and any suggestions they have for maintaining a pest-free home.

Spider control and removal


Reclaim your home from spider infestations with the help of our cutting-edge spider control in Bronx service.

Silverfish control and removal


Get the hang of silverfish detection and management methods to keep them at bay in your house or place of business. If you suspect you have a silverfish infestation, the exterminators at USS Pest Control can quickly assess the situation and devise a strategy for silverfish control in Bronx.

Carpet Beetle control and removal


We make every effort to use eco-friendly materials when treating carpet beetles. While the treatment is underway and any residual pesticide spray dries, customers are asked to leave their properties for a few hours.

Lady Bug control and removal


Lady bugs would rather be somewhere warm right now. You should look for lady bug control in Bronx, because having a lot of ladybugs around the house is bothersome.

Get pest control Bronx solutions and services at your doorsteps

Pests can appear anywhere and are a prevalent nuisance with no obvious cause. However, for future safety, you must take preventative efforts and have termite and pest control services delivered right to your door. We guarantee that after using our expert pest control services, your termite problem will either totally disappear or drastically decrease and won’t return for at least five to ten years. Our main objective is to eventually keep you comfortable in your pest-, termite-, and bug-free home.

Common FAQs about Pest Control in Bronx

The size of the property or house and its location affect the treatment cost.

Yes, in the majority of situations; however, we will notify you in advance if you need to leave the property.

It is advised to do this once every 12 months for a typical-sized home.

If you suspect you may have termites, we advise you to have inspected or treated every year.

By speaking with our knowledgeable and licensed termite control specialists, you can avoid termites.

Our sprays and treatments are safe for use on animals. The chemicals have been deemed safe for use in schools, hospitals, and public areas. Depending on the kind of issue you might be experiencing, we do advise taking some measures.

Because every case is unique, we will let you know whether you need to make any preparations. Nonetheless, depending on whether we’re working indoors, outside, or both, you can be requested to perform a few tasks.

Termiticides are the most widely used treatments for termites. Moreover, termite baits are utilized rather of termiticides.

Rats elimination Bronx by hiring our expert services

What are you waiting for if rats are attacking your house? Since we offer the best pest control, please give us a call. You’ll be astounded by our expert USS Pest Control services. Our company relies on experts to get rid of rats and pests at any cost. If your property is free of mice, you should still take precautions and hire our pros to provide pest control services for your home. Our team will advise you on every facet of dealing with pests.

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