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Nassau County, New York, residents have reported difficulties with pest control services. Eliminating them as soon as feasible would be helpful. The professionals at USS Pest Control can assist you. If you have a pest problem at your place of business or on your property, call USS Pest Control. With our service, you don’t have to worry about them coming back. The pests of Nassau County are many and varied, but we have you covered with a wide range of Pest Extermination Services in Nassau County.


When it comes to pests, businesses have more to worry about than homeowners do. Storage facilities that want to stay in business and provide clients with perishable goods must take measures to protect those goods from rodents and other pests. Employees who handle or work near insect droppings or urine are at risk of contracting a wide variety of diseases.

Team members at USS Pest Control have extensive training, vast experience, and deep knowledge. If you’re a resident or business owner in Nassau County, New York City, USS Pest Control will assist you in getting rid of pests.


Once we’ve eradicated your roach problem, we can focus on long-term pest removal Elmont. Learning to prevent cockroaches will help you safeguard your house and family from these. Here are five ways to prevent roach infestations

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Best pest control company I’ve dealt with to date. Offered next day service and the technician was awesome. My fleas are all gone !
Dale Davids
Dale Davids
Top notch service.
Nicole Kubick
Nicole Kubick
Amazing...Wasps in my living room on Sunday, the day before Labor Day , yes 2023...This was treated twice by Magic...they don't work Sundays or Holidays...no use for you! When you said twenty minutes you were not kidding!!! Amazon could learn alot from you. Critters don't follow a Calendar...so far so good. Thank you!!!
Nic Cywinski
Nic Cywinski
All roaches are gone 🗣️🗣️
Ashir Hyder
Ashir Hyder
The best pest control company I’ve dealt with to date. All around Professionals and offered amazing service!!
I came back from a trip upstate and found that some bed bugs hitched a ride with me. I called and Usman was able to come by same day and take care of me. Been 3 months I haven’t seen any since and would definitely use these guys again.
Good service and cockroaches are gone, thanks
Yousef Khan
Yousef Khan
Great service, reliable staff, easy to communicate with. Had a bunch of centipedes finding their way into my house and these guys helped me never have to deal with those pesky critters again.
Minhaal Faizi
Minhaal Faizi
Was referred to USS by my brother. Had an ant infestation that would get really bad every summer. Muzafar came out on short notice and treated my house. He was very cordial and knowledgeable. Got the job done at a fair price and haven’t seen an ant since. Will deff recommend and be using his services yearly to treat my house.

Our specialists Nassau County use natural methods for controlling pesky insects

USS Pest Control helps you if you’re having pest issues in your Nassau County house or place of business. We customize our pest control plans for every customer. We can assist you in getting rid of pests if you’re having an issue at your house or place of business. In order to protect your family, business, and property from pests, we provide both reactive and preventative pest management services. This plan includes monitoring for pests on a regular basis, using only the necessary amount of product, and maintaining thorough records.

We promise to get rid of undesirable pests from your house or place of business with our non-hazardous pest control services. We also try to have as little of an influence as possible on the environment. We are entrusted with safely and successfully treating your pest problems, which is why we offer pest control services in Nassau County.

Highly trained specialists Nassau County to protect property from infestations!

  1. Every pest issue we handle has a unique remedy.
  2. We consider our clients to be family.
  3. We provide both commercial and residential pest control services.
  4. To make sure we are completely aware of all the demands and requirements that each business requires, we have teams devoted to each vertical market.
  5. To reduce the amount of chemicals we use in our treatments, we use solutions that make use of Integrated Pest Management approaches.
  6. We are always refining our strategies to give our clients the best services available in the market.

Bed Bug








Silver Fish


Efficient techniques to follow for pest control in Nassau County

bed bug control and removal


We provide residential, commercial, and industrial clients with our bed bug control services, and we promise their efficacy. We are a leading supplier of bed bug treatments, and we further establish our trustworthiness by offering a warranty on our bed bug control in Nassau County services.

cockroach control and removal


We provide both short-term and long-term cockroach control in Nassau County. When it comes to the effectiveness of their performance and inspection visits, our technicians pay close attention. USS Pest Control uses a methodical approach to prevent pests.

Bees and Wasp control


The sound of buzzing or humming may be an indication that there is a beehive or nest on your property. Expert bee and wasp control in Nassau County is advised to ensure the infestation is safely removed and to avoid any potential problems.

ant control and removal


In some parts of the world, ants can be dangerous and even venomous. Here at USS Pest Control, we provide a range of superior ant control in Nassau County choices. You can rely on it to get rid of ant issues in and around your house and land.

rat control and removal


Rodents, such as mice and rats, can cause destructive fires by biting through the insulation that encases wires. To find out more about our rat control in Nassau County services and how they may help you keep rodents out of your house, visit USS Pest Control online.

mice control and removal


We use state-of-the-art methods and specialized technologies to eradicate pests. Try our mice control in Nassau County services if you’re tired of having rat infestations in your home.

rodent control and removal


With our excellent rodent control in Nassau County services, we provide a safe and pest-free environment. If you don’t take appropriate action at the right time, some very serious issues will develop. Your well-being and the property will incur both financial and material expenses.

Flea control and removal


You can rely on USS Pest Control’s flea exterminators to always provide you with a thorough report detailing the flea control in Nassau County services they provided and any recommendations they may have for keeping your house free of pests.

Spider control and removal


With the help of our state-of-the-art spider control in Nassau County service, you can rid your house of spider infestations.

Silverfish control and removal


Learn how to identify and manage silverfish in order to prevent them from entering your home or place of business. The exterminators at USS Pest Control can rapidly evaluate the problem and create a plan for silverfish control in Nassau County if you think you may have an infestation.

Carpet Beetle control and removal


When treating carpet beetles, we try our best to utilize environmentally friendly products. Please vacate your properties for a few hours while the treatment is being applied and any remaining pesticide spray dries.

Lady Bug control and removal


At this moment, lady bugs would prefer to be somewhere warm. It’s annoying to have a lot of ladybirds around the house; therefore you should look for lady bug control in Nassau County.

Get rodent control Nassau County solutions for your house

When rodents discover food, drink, and shelter within your home, they procreate swiftly. Although a few rodents may be killed by setting a few traps, this will not end an infestation. USS Pest Control has managed the rodent population in Nassau County. Our extensive experience and distinguished service speak for themselves.

An expert, licensed pest control professional will assess your property to find potential ways of entry, objects of interest, and rodent hotspots. Next, based on the rodent, the layout of the home, and your requirements, our professional will carry out a personalized treatment strategy.

Common FAQs about Pest Control in Nassau County

The average period of a pest exterminator treatment is 30 to 90 days, though this can vary slightly based on the type of pesticide used. The 30-day duration of insecticides used to eliminate flying insects might be impacted by precipitation or other meteorological factors.

Usually, during the first two weeks, the number of bugs that are visible will decline; the remaining pests will then be impacted by the gel and residual sprays throughout the subsequent weeks.

The longest-lasting insecticides are mixtures of neonicotinoids and pyrethroids.

The majority of pest treatment businesses employ pyrethroid and pyrethrin pesticides, such as permethrin.

An easy do-it-yourself method is to spray your home with bug repellent. The market is filled with several pest control sprays that are intended for home usage.

Long-term cockroach control is also possible with baits and traps, albeit they work best when combined with surface spraying.

One of the greatest ingredients for a pest control spray is vinegar. In addition to many other insects, it effectively wards off ants, mosquitoes, and fruit flies.

A snap trap is the only practical and safe way to instantaneously kill a rat. Other kinds of traps won’t kill the rats right away and can even cause them great pain. Poisons can take up to a week to kill the rats.

Hire our pros to provide pest control services for your home

The majority of businesses have a mission statement that serves as a roadmap. Our goal at USS Pest Control is to view pest challenges and difficulties from your perspective. By doing this, we can offer the fastest, safest, and most efficient pest treatment; better meeting your unique needs both now and down the road. Get in touch with USS Pest Control right now for a better tomorrow.

Providing rat control Nassau County treatment for home places

Given the potential risks that rat infestations provide to you and your family as well as the general lack of effectiveness of do-it-yourself control methods, you shouldn’t waste time or money on ineffectual solutions. Actually, hiring USS Pest Control to help you get rid of rodents in your house is the only safe and efficient way to do it. We make use of the safest, most dependable, and cutting-edge remedies since we understand that our work isn’t finished until your Nassau County house is totally free of rats.

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