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Do-it-yourself is a possibility if you have the necessary knowledge about pest control Franklin Square. If you’re having issues and asking Google for solutions, hiring a pro is usually best.

Insects and other pests can cause more damage than just an inconvenience. The worst part is that they can result in costly repairs and possibly health issues for residents. Rats, for instance, can chew through cables and spread various infections, including hantavirus, leptospirosis, Salmonella, and others.

Exterminators and pest control experts are the subject of this guide. What do they do, and are they the same thing?


Infestations of rodents, insects, or other pests require prompt, expert assistance. Exterminators or those specializing in pest management can be relied upon to provide reassurance and immediate, effective action.

Exterminators and pest control technicians are trained to remove pests from homes and businesses permanently. They are experts at removing bugs, rats, and other unwanted visitors inside and outside buildings. Well, they extend to include homes as well as commercial establishments.

They frequently employ chemical and natural methods to control or eliminate pest populations. Thus, they also use traps to catch stray rodents and other animals.


In the minds of most, exterminators and pest control technicians are interchangeable terms. Yes, however, there may be nuanced discrepancies in the details. And that distinction is important because you don’t want to hire the incorrect person.

In the most literal sense, the work is getting rid of pests. The pest control technicians will bring poisons or traps to eliminate the problem. But really, it’s as simple as wiping out the problem entirely. There is no follow-up, only eradication.

On the other hand, complete pest control services not only get rid of the bugs. You can see but also manage and maintain your home to stay bug-free. As a result, exterminators care primarily about ending the current infestation.

However, the goal of bed bug control Franklin Square goes beyond just eliminating the current problem. The problem’s origins are investigated, and measures to prevent a recurrence are implemented.


The tools, methods, and strategies used in pest management can be used to exterminate unwanted critters. Their specialty and bread and butter are pest control.

So, if you have an insect or rodent problem, call pest control. When pest control technicians come, they’ll look for pests and potential entry points around your home. They will apply effective and environmentally friendly treatments according to your insect type.

Pest control will advise you on the best course of action. This may involve setting multiple traps if the animal’s identity cannot be verified promptly.


Hiring professional services of cockroach control Franklin Square is yet the best solution besides performing it through certain DIY methods. Such methods will definitely give you worst results due to lack of knowledge. Experts make sure that their control techniques do stop the pests from returning back.